13 Questions to Wrap Up My 2013

 1. What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen in 2013? 

This photo

Year End Questions

That guy has ruined 10,000 photos already (J. Zamora)

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TEDxADMU: In Pursuit of the Project I

I registered for TEDxADMU a couple of months ago with the hope that I get a firsthand experience of, well, TED. I somehow had this thirst for ideas that spark controversy. So, when Kimmy told me that there’s gonna be a TEDxADMU and they’re accepting applications, I didn’t think twice.

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An Open Letter to Every Filipino Netizen

To my fellow netizens,

Now is the time we unite and act upon the disaster that struck our fellow Pinoys in Visayas.

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Leaked Sheenah Tan Scandal: An Example of Identity Theft

People told me that they found a Sheenah Tan Los Baños scandal on a website. I Googled my name with the word “scandal” and I was appalled to see the result: indeed, there’s a Sheenah Tan sex video on a small porn site. I watched the video.

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5 Questions You Should Ask the Band Members (If You Hate the Vocalist)

Warning: doing so will guarantee that you’ll get kicked out of your job, or your community, and get throngs of haters everywhere. And you’ll get punched in the face.

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